Where It All Began

So we decided to share with you a small portion of our wedding album!

When we got married 25 years ago, we both agreed on a couple of things.  We wanted a family and best friend only wedding.  We wanted a home wedding, and we wanted it to be simple, but complete.

How does one go about that?  We got married in the back yard of Laurie’s parents house.  There was a huge, looming pine tree that majestically towered over the family’s back yard.  That was the spot.

Laurie and her mother cooked all the food in advance, because they wanted home-cooked food.  Bill’s family was a large family, so a lot of cooking went on for days and days.

It was a touching experience for Laurie and her mom as they talked, laughed, reminisced about “the good old days” not realizing that one day Laurie and her husband-to-be would one day write about those very days, and call them “the good old days” for our blog “I Can’t Drive 55!”

Note:  You may be wondering why this blog is called “I Can’t Drive 55” but that’s a future post.

The day arrived as a hot, humid, windy day in a small community in upstate New York.  Bill’s family arrived from across the state to spend the day with their new daughter-in-law and their son.  Laurie was the first of her family to marry, so her brothers arrived with their friends too.  You know, home-cooked food is a huge attraction to country folk!

The wedding party was assembled, and they proceeded with the ceremony before all their friends and family.

The guys (Bill and brother-in-law, Paul – who was best man) waited patiently for the ceremony to begin along with the Justice of Peace who was actually Laurie’s mother’s boss.  In fact, Laurie’s mother signed her marriage certificate.  But, oh yeah, the guys waiting…….

Then, here comes the Maid of Honor who was Laurie’s childhood best friend, Diane.

And finally, the bride on her father’s arm.

Are they laughing at the bride?  We can’t remember.  But we do know that when Bill and Paul get together  – there’s lots and lots of laughing that takes place.

In fact, the laughing lasted through much of the ceremony!

Can you see Paul?  He’s mumbling something to Bill.  He is!  He did that most of the ceremony, so we had more of this laughing going on!

But then again, we did have some solemn moments too!

But then it was time for the rings, and well, see Paul – he’s at it again! He’s mumbling something to the bride and groom!  Paul!  You stop that!

Then finally!  The kiss!  Oooh, laaa, laa! Sweet!  But look at Paul, we know he was saying something!  What?  Neither of us know, but we just know he was saying something.

Congratulations all around now!

Pictures with the families!

Then finally, the food, the relaxation, and just getting used to “He’s my husband” and “She’s my wife.”  Notice how we aren’t even looking at each other??  What’s up with that?

Oh, yeah, we almost forgot…the cutting of the cake!

That’s how it all began, folks!  It was a grand day!  It was a beautiful day for us to start our life together.  Here we are 25 years later retelling it all, and it feels like it was just yesterday!

Continue on our journey as we tell you next time just why our blog is called, “I Can’t Drive 55!”



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6 responses to “Where It All Began

  1. Aunt Shirley and Uncle Gordon

    That was beautiful. Glad we were finally able to attend your wedding. 🙂 You are just 30 years behind us, our 55th being July 5th.

  2. We’re glad you were able to attend too! Stay tuned, Aunt Shirley and Uncle Gordan, as we will be posting one on visiting you all down south.

  3. fiveboysmom

    What a great time! I can’t wait for the next 25 years of the story!

  4. GrammyGoo

    Aww. How precious.

  5. Melissa Hayes

    my mom said she took ppictures at your wedding 🙂

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