Almost 25 years ago!

Okay, so we’ve been married *almost* twenty five years. Our anniversary is June 22nd, and we wanted to celebrate this mega euphoric event (for us anyway) with anyone who desires to “see” the great United States of America through blog format.

We had traveled three whole months and visited many sites from upstate New York down to Florida, then across this great wide open country.

We ended up in California, and lived there for almost 10 years. During that time period, we did all the typical married couple things. We got jobs, we bought a house, we had a baby, then we moved back to upstate New York with a 4 year old.

This blog was developed in order to let people know that you don’t have to travel across the ocean to see beautiful. You don’t need to go to a foreign country to experience the unknown. Many can step outside their front doors and experience beautiful, awesome, and yes, even some ugly.

Come join us in our retelling of our adventures as we traveled over 10,000 miles by motor home, and over 2,000 miles by motorcycle.

The horizon is endless, the sun is just beginning to rise on our wonderful world of travel.

Come on! Come travel with us on our adventure. We promise, you won’t be bored!


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  1. fiveboysmom

    Cool! I can’t wait!

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